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Doll #2: Fallen Angel Stardoll by Barbie

The second addition to my collection: Fallen Angel (style 1) Stardoll by Barbie

The Stardoll Line is listed on the barbie collector website. Yet, it's closer to the "pink box" playline dolls than the collector series. I found them while perusing the doll aisles. This is the only face I liked--well, loved actually. She reminds me of a lea/kayla or a Mari face mold. I bought her, along with a couple of the other doll's outfits and the matching accessory pack. She's one of my favorites. I love the red-streaked hair, rooted lashes and punk-goth look. I don't like that the legs are non-jointed. They are meant to be a sort of real-life counterpart to an on-line avatar. I guess that is supposed to explain the lack of pose-ability. Also, the hands and feet on these dolls are slightly larger than other Barbies. So, shoes and gloves don't fit them. Their bottoms are about the same size as a Fashion Fever or belly button barbie and they are able to swap with them. S…