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New Year, New Updates

I'm not one for new years resolutions but I do like to think of the new year as a way to refresh or recharge. Therefore, I'm getting this blog started again. 

It was a big and busy year of dolls for me in 2013, I made a lot of new purchases. Some are still piled-up in my closet! Can't wait to share them. 2013 was also my first year in the Barbie Fan Club (Official Barbie Collector website). I've just renewed for 2014 and look forward to another year. 

Dolls I'm excited about for this year (so far):

Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie, especially Midge and Raquelle. See the following: Glam Luxe @ TargetGlam Luxe @ Target 2  I already purchased the 3 dolls of this line that are available. <3 the clothing 

Ever After High Legacy Day Cerise Hood & Madelyn Hatter, Lizzy Hearts and any of the Male dolls

Barbie Look Collection 2014 --Have just received my Gold Dress doll & love her! Really looking forward to wave 2 for this year. 

Dolls I bought in 2013 that I'm excited to …