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Barbie Fan Club (BFC) 2015 : 3 years and Counting

Well, it's my third year with BFC this renewal. It's gone by fast. This more or less marks 3.5 years of doll collecting for me as well.

In my opinion, the BFC is well worth the $25 membership fee. I enjoy the discussion boards and try to participate as much as I have time. There are some really great members that make the BFC special.  I have always managed to make the most of the shop rewards offered; I would join just for those. Since I don't collect repros or silkstone dolls, I don't purchase many of the club exclusives. (I did get 1 of the platinums, didn't try for the other.)  I suppose that might seem a little strange. In spite of that, there are always enough dolls to catch my interest. Though, last year it was less than usual and mostly black or pink label.  I haven't found anything to spend this quarter reward on yet. Since it's still early, I'm hoping something new will catch my eye.  This will be my first year in both BFC and W Club; it will…

2015 Integrity Toys W Club

I just signed up for Integrity Toys W Club for the first time. This is the 10th year, which I think makes it feel extra special.  At present, I only own 4 Integrity Dolls but that might change. ;-)
With your membership, you may upgrade and purchase up to 3 club exclusive dolls. The offerings this year are: Agnes Von Weiss FR, Poppy Parker and Ollie Lawson Color Infusion.  After much deliberation, I went with just Agnes. I love her outfit and can see keeping her in my collection. Poppy is cute too but not my style.  I debated picking up the CI homme to resell but wasn't sure it would be worth the trouble.

So far, I liked the presentation and offerings of the club. I'm hoping it will be a fun year. The forums don't open up right away. I wonder what they will be like in comparison to the BFC ones?

There are a lot of great bonuses offered with membership. I think my favorite is the digital membership to Dolls and Haute Doll magazine!

The cost of a W Club base membership is …

2015 Dolls at Retail Part I : Barbie Style, Barbie Fashionista Playline Fashions

Parts of the 2015 playline are hitting store shelves in some areas and's inventory changes quickly though. Watch out for 3rd party sellers with inflated prices!

Since these were sneaked at the end of last year on various blogs, flickr etc.  I've been eagerly awaiting their arrival. While I add very few playline dolls to my barbie collection, I do gather up the higher-quality fashions for mix & match.

So far I have found:

Barbie Style fashion packs (2 outfits) for $7.98 at Walmart & Target (higher price) stores
Barbie Fashionista 2015 Dolls (no articulation)  same price as above @ wally.
I bought up several of these fashions & 2 dolls (Nikki & Summer/Lea)  The fashions are great quality for playline. I haven't found very many of the separates & accessory packs yet--all sold out in the stores or not in stock yet.

Walmart now has the fashions online:…