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Doll Club Woes

I was eagerly anticipating two events this week: Integrity Toys 2015 Spring Unveiling Event and the Barbie Fan Club exclusive platinum doll sale of Classic Evening Gown.  These are two perks of the fan clubs I joined this year.  This is my 3rd try at a platinum doll. (Previously went for and got Karl Lagerfeld & Beaded Gown) It's my 1st time experiencing an IT webinar.

It turned out to be a bad week for doll collectors. On Wednesday, the BFC platinum sale was abruptly rescheduled due to a server failure. This once-a-year frenzy to acquire a limited edition doll usually ends within an hour. Complaints, pouting etc continue on for a few days after. ;-)  Some people go so far as to take off work for the chance at a limited edition of 999 dolls. I'm fortunately enough to be self-employed and able to work the sale into my schedule. I know others aren't so lucky. This was only a minor annoyance to me.

On Saturday, the W Club's Spring 2015 Collection unveiling webinar h…