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New Arrivals Part 3: Barbie 2015 Moonlight Halloween & Style Glam Luxe Night Lea

It's Halloween in July!  I was stalking amazon for the newest Barbie fashionistas when I found Moonlight Halloween Barbie. She makes a nice consolation prize. ;-)

This is one of my favorite Halloween Barbie fashions. I won't buy the ones with too much pink. (Sacrilege, I know!) It's just not suitable for the holiday IMHO. While the doll is very cute with her purple streaked hair, she's not for me. I'll rehome her. Most Barbie playline dolls these days have hollow bodies with very little articulation. This doll is no exception.
As for the adorable dress, it has solid fabric on the back. (disappointing but not surprising) The kitty headband is a nice touch and I like the shoes. (for once!) It would have been nice if a kitty purse variation was included. (like the one from the fashion packs) I may customize one of mine to better match. I took a few pictures of this outfit re-imagined on another doll. It's almost possible to pass it off as a cosplay. I think. ;-) …

New Arrivals Part 2: Aristocratic Agnes, Dark Forest Queen

Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss arrived a while ago. I haven't had time to post about her. Originally, I thought I would just keep her lovely outfit. After seeing IRL photos of her online, my resolve was fading. Shortly after her arrival, the Baroness demanded to be released from her box and promptly made herself at home. She now refuses to leave. Kyori and her posse have made their displeasure known. They started by hiding all the clothes. She will make a proper introduction once she has found "appropriate attire".

After two backorder delays, The Dark Forest Queen is happy to make her debut. She's glad to be free from her plastic prison. Also, may or may not be planning to wreak havoc amongst the dolls. ;-)  Bonus points to Mattel this time for using plastic to protect her very pale body. I think she might be an improvement over Lady of the White Woods quality-wise. I feel that she's comparable to Elf in terms of outfit quality. To me, the Elf will have no…

Barbie Playline News: Fashionistas 2015

Some new dolls and images have been released for Barbie Fashionistas. I'm very eager to own some of these ladies. We now have a time-frame on the release of these dolls. Click on the link to the LookBook to see when your favorite ladies are coming out. :-)

Barbie Fashionistas Lookbook: FashionistasLookbook

"Who is Barbie?" stop-motion video showcasing the dolls. (and some upcoming fashions) :

These are the dolls I'm most excited for:

Pre-Ordered and Pre-Broke! (Summer 2015)

The dust has settled on Integrity Toys "Doll Days of Summer".  The week got off to a slow start and some were disappointed.  By week's end, we had a Nu Face reveal, new ITBE lotteries and pre-order and/or lottery opportunities for previously announced dolls.  (Poppy, Jem)
Not sure about everyone else but I, for one, was thrilled.  Since IT went all out, I figured I would too. Pre-ordered 2/3 Nu. Face dolls I wanted (dang you elusive Nadja!), went in on 4 lotteries. I won them all! These are my first lottery wins. After missing out on ITBE Dark Side Anja, I was a bit soured on them. Now, I'm over it. ;-)
Needless to say, this means spending a lot. I haven't even posted about my other recent purchases/new arrivals.  I am, dolly-budget-busted. :-P  BUT, I will be selling several outfits/dolls from these wins & purchases to pay for my other (keeper) dolls. Some hard choices to make!

Additional Pre-orders added from last post (Due F/W 15): 

Lottery Wins that are On …