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2015 Tokidoki 10th Anniversary Barbie Announcement

The announcement of the 2015 tokidoki x Barbie collab has finally arrived. There are two dolls: one pink & sweet, the other purple and goth.  While the pink edition is a black label, the purple is a platinum.  I missed out on the first tokidoki doll and really want both of these. The purple doll is my favorite, of course. *eye roll*

This time, instead of the usual fray on the barbiecollection website to get a platinum doll, they are offering a "treasure hunt".  Read all the details at the link below:

Buzz | The Barbie Collection

I'm not sure what to think. In the past I've been able to get 2/2 platinum dolls I've tried for, thanks to a super high speed internet connection and some persistence.  I don't know if this treasure hunt will help or hurt my chances. The new BC site is still a little buggy also. I'm anxiously awaiting 9/1. Wonder what other "retail outlets" will have the dolls? 

Good luck to those that are trying for these dolls!