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Barbie 2016: The Year of Articulation

Mattel has finally jumped on the articulation bandwagon. Both the 2016 collector and playline collections will feature articulated body-types. For those of us that love photographing and interacting with our dolls, this is welcome news. Below is a summary of the info we have thus far.

Barbie Look Collection
articulated model muse bodies (like Barbie Basics 2.1/2.5) Wave 1 has 3 dolls with a price point of $30-$35. I have one "Sweet Tea" doll so far. Her skintone is nostalgic, which matches most of my dolls.

made to move
I have the "purple shirt" (asian) doll from this line  This body is amazing. I want to carry her around with me to take photos and play.  I will be hunting down this line, full force. At $14.99, they are re-body perfect. IMHO Only downside is the glue in her head. Why, Mattel, Why?!

new articulated silkstone body
I'm not a silkie collector but this has me taking note of this line for the first time.  I hope BFMC collectors will b…