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News: Moschino Barbie Video, WWD Article & Release Date

News about the Moschino Barbies: the release date is Nov. 9th. It's confirmed that the dolls will be available on and Most likely, they will also be for sale on Price is $150. Edition size is TBA; they are Gold Label editions. They aren't my style but I do love the handbags. (my weakness). Won't be trying for these but good luck to those that do! 

WWD has an article about the collaboration, with great photos.

Mattel & Moschino released a fun retro-80's video today promoting the dolls. Check it out!

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2016 Barbie Fashionistas Now Available

The 2016 Barbie Fashionista dolls have made their way online, and not just as sneak peaks!  Mattel Shop currently has 6 dolls in stock. only has the two guys. The in-box photos are new, so I'm posting them here. 

Now Available: 2016 Spring Barbie Style Dolls

Image  has 3 new Barbie Style dolls in stock. They are the previously leaked 2016 trio. I don't know if we'll see any more dolls in this series but I'd hope for at least one "ethnic" doll. 2015 saw Grace & Nikki. I'd love 2016 to include a Lea/Kayla face. (I can dream, right?)

The new "heels to flats" ankles have been kept, as have the two pairs of shoes. The fashions, however, are mostly a remix.  We've seen these before in the fashion packs. (Teresa's Jacket, skirt & Raquelle's top) Barbie's jacket is very close to the one from 2014's "Stylin' Friends" set. The "Be Yourself" top on Teresa is from a 2015 Fashionista. The print on Barbie's skirt is the same as a 2015 single pack dress. 

I'm rather disappointed by the lack of new fashions. Personally, I don't even care for the styling on these dolls. Raquelle's outfit is the only one I kind-of like.  Unless I need more replacement…

The State of Barbie Playline 2015

Over the past few years, Barbie playline has been getting a lot of complaints from collectors. Namely, poor quality. We were once able to utilize these fashions in our collection without cheapening it. I really enjoy adding “Chic and Cheap” elements to my dolls’ wardrobe. Asian facemolds are a passion of mine and playline was also a great place to find them. This year, Mattel overhauled playline.  Since 2015 is almost over now, I think it’s time to ask:
Is there anything for the thrifty collector in the Barbie playline these days?
So far, I would say a hesitant "Yes".
The GOOD: Nice Fashions and accessories. The release of individual and group fashion packs  this year have been promising. The looks are current/stylish, not ALL pink, quality is decent and the price is reasonable. These fashions have been popping up on dolls all over flickr. It's fun to see how others mix & match them. Also, I love that they work well for so many other doll body types. The Barbie Style l…