Now Available: 2016 Spring Barbie Style Dolls  has 3 new Barbie Style dolls in stock. They are the previously leaked 2016 trio. I don't know if we'll see any more dolls in this series but I'd hope for at least one "ethnic" doll. 2015 saw Grace & Nikki. I'd love 2016 to include a Lea/Kayla face. (I can dream, right?)

The new "heels to flats" ankles have been kept, as have the two pairs of shoes. The fashions, however, are mostly a remix.  We've seen these before in the fashion packs. (Teresa's Jacket, skirt & Raquelle's top) Barbie's jacket is very close to the one from 2014's "Stylin' Friends" set. The "Be Yourself" top on Teresa is from a 2015 Fashionista. The print on Barbie's skirt is the same as a 2015 single pack dress. 

I'm rather disappointed by the lack of new fashions. Personally, I don't even care for the styling on these dolls. Raquelle's outfit is the only one I kind-of like.  Unless I need more replacement bodies, I won't be buying these ladies.  Previously, I've purchased nearly all the style dolls for their outfits. 

If you happen to want these dolls, act fast. amazon sells out quickly. After that, it's re-sellers or waiting until they hit other retailers. 

2016 style raquelle

2016 style teresa

2016 style barbie


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