Doll Club Woes

I was eagerly anticipating two events this week: Integrity Toys 2015 Spring Unveiling Event and the Barbie Fan Club exclusive platinum doll sale of Classic Evening Gown.  These are two perks of the fan clubs I joined this year.  This is my 3rd try at a platinum doll. (Previously went for and got Karl Lagerfeld & Beaded Gown) It's my 1st time experiencing an IT webinar.

It turned out to be a bad week for doll collectors. On Wednesday, the BFC platinum sale was abruptly rescheduled due to a server failure. This once-a-year frenzy to acquire a limited edition doll usually ends within an hour. Complaints, pouting etc continue on for a few days after. ;-)  Some people go so far as to take off work for the chance at a limited edition of 999 dolls. I'm fortunately enough to be self-employed and able to work the sale into my schedule. I know others aren't so lucky. This was only a minor annoyance to me.

On Saturday, the W Club's Spring 2015 Collection unveiling webinar had technical issues. Quite a few members, myself included, lost visuals. The organizers advised us to logout and in again. This fixed the problem for several people. The rest of us, however, were locked out from the webinar all together! It's typical for attendees to email their dealers with pre-orders following the presentation. From what I understand, it can be quite tough to get highly-sought after dolls. So some people were concerned about this. I was just disappointed that I didn't get to enjoy my 1st of these events.

Usually, technology makes this hobby easier and enjoyable IMHO. (So long as it works correctly.) I'm not sure if this is a case of doll enthusiasts overloading everything or broken technology mucking things up for us. Maybe a little bit of both? ;-)

Both companies issued prompt apologies/explanations. I feel that BFC did better than usual in that they addressed things quickly. We currently have a tentative make-up date, to be verified on Monday. The W Club did a great job getting the emails out promptly after the webinar. They included all the photos, info and a link to watch the recording of the webinar. (as was already planned) They also have some great members that live-posted screen captures of the webinar to the forums. :-)

Overall, my feelings for the W Club haven't been negatively affected. There was a great feeling of camaraderie on the forums. (misery loves company!) I can still watch the webinar when I get time. Plus,  my inbox is full of not 1 but 5 emails full of photos & info! :-D (I can't say anything about the reveals until Monday afternoon, as per request.)  



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