Momoko 10th Anniversary Dolls

2015 is the 10th Anniversary of Momoko Doll.  To celebrate, several anniversary dolls are being produced. Sekiguchi released Deep Violet Momoko, Petworks will release 2 CCS dolls: MFC (Momoko Fan Club) China and Korea editions. I broke my dolly bank account to pre-order Deep Violet Momoko and Today's momoko China MFC 10th AN.  I'm very excited for them both. 
Deep Violet is, in my opinion, a re-interpretation of Pure Violet Momoko; she was one of the first Sekiguchi Momoko dolls produced. I haven't been lucky enough to add her to my collection. DV has a new, center-eyed face screening; that sold me on her as well. 

Deep Violet Momoko is still available on petworks global site, which offers international shipping:   See also additional photos:
Fabric & Friends and Cherished Friends (both USA) have her on their websites also.

TD's Momoko China MFC is just stunning. She has some of my favorite features: raven hair, deep red lips and nails, blue eyes...I'm going to be very impatient between now and Nov/Dec!
The Korean edition is lovely but not for me. Plus, she is/was harder to get ahold of. This year's fan vote momoko will look similar to her.

Deep Violet Momoko (c) Sekiguchi

Today's momoko China MFC 10th AN (c)Petworks

Today's momoko Korea MFC 10th AN (c) Petworks


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