Doll #2: Fallen Angel Stardoll by Barbie

The second addition to my collection: Fallen Angel (style 1) Stardoll by Barbie

The Stardoll Line is listed on the barbie collector website. Yet, it's closer to the "pink box" playline dolls than the collector series. I found them while perusing the doll aisles. This is the only face I liked--well, loved actually. She reminds me of a lea/kayla or a Mari face mold. I bought her, along with a couple of the other doll's outfits and the matching accessory pack. She's one of my favorites. I love the red-streaked hair, rooted lashes and punk-goth look. I don't like that the legs are non-jointed. They are meant to be a sort of real-life counterpart to an on-line avatar. I guess that is supposed to explain the lack of pose-ability. Also, the hands and feet on these dolls are slightly larger than other Barbies. So, shoes and gloves don't fit them. Their bottoms are about the same size as a Fashion Fever or belly button barbie and they are able to swap with them. Shirt size is about the same as model muse and other dolls, which makes me quite happy.

I spent a significant bit of time choosing a doll because there are slight face variations. Some are more like imperfections--eyelashes misplaced and others are things like distance between and shape of the eyes. It could almost make you want to buy two! Instead, I did some research and found another Barbie with black & red hair...Mari from the Generation Girl line. However, it would take a bit of ebay tenacity to get one. One thing about ebay is that no matter what you seem to collect, there is a lot of it listed. This tends to reinforce the idea that you're far from the only one collecting it...


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