Current Pre-Orders (Spring 2015): Poppy Parker, Fashion Royalty & Barbie

There are so many dolls on the horizon right now.  Last month, Integrity announced the spring 2015 line up. Barbie has at least a few dolls coming out this month; City Shine, 3rd offering in Faraway Forest line. Plus there are rumors of designer dolls in the near future (tokidoki in august, moshico in ?) Convention season is also creeping up.  Though I won't be going to any conventions this year, I will most likely be seeking out some convention dolls on the secondary market.

With something of a budget-consciousness in mind, I'm trying to be picky about my choices this year. My collection has grown to the point where I have to take space into consideration now as well.  So far, I have pre-ordered the following dolls:

 IT Fashion Royalty: Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss®  Due June 2015 
 Barbie Look Collection: City Shine Red (Lea) Due Mid-July 2015 
 IT Fashion Royalty: Fame Fable Kyori Sato™   Due Mid-July August 2015 
IT: Mood Changers Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Model Scene Collection 2015 W Club Exclusive   Due August 2015

I don't know if I'm keeping the Poppy giftset or not; it's the first poppy I've purchased. They are so popular that I'm not likely to lose money if I decide to resell her. The rest, I'm dying to get my hands on. However, it's good for my wallet to have them spaced out. :-)

Feel free to comment with your pre-order picks. Or what dolls you're hoping to see soon.


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