Doll #3: Barbie Basics 002 Lea

At first, I didn't care for the second version of Basics Lea. I think it was the outfit more than anything. (I'm not a fan of capri pants) Once I'd seen her in-person a couple times, the face appealed to me. Now, she is one of my favorites. The 001 Basics Lea is ubiquitous among lea/kayla collectors; enough so that it's hard to make her look fresh in photos.  I feel like the 002 Lea is a little less familiar; she tends to be used for OOAK projects more often. When comparing the two, 002 lea has a softer look--blunt bangs with long hair, light toned makeup, pink nail polish. I have an easier time dressing her in a variety of looks; 001 seems made-up for a formal occasion or night out. It's also easier to dress 002, since her arms are straight. She's my go-to girl for testing out fashions. I might be tempted to add another to my collection. Why do I always want doubles of my favorite dolls?!



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