2015 Dolls at Retail Part I : Barbie Style, Barbie Fashionista Playline Fashions

Parts of the 2015 playline are hitting store shelves in some areas and amazon.com. Amazon.com's inventory changes quickly though. Watch out for 3rd party sellers with inflated prices!

Since these were sneaked at the end of last year on various blogs, flickr etc.  I've been eagerly awaiting their arrival. While I add very few playline dolls to my barbie collection, I do gather up the higher-quality fashions for mix & match.

So far I have found:

Barbie Style fashion packs (2 outfits) for $7.98 at Walmart & Target (higher price) stores
Barbie Fashionista 2015 Dolls (no articulation)  same price as above @ wally.
I bought up several of these fashions & 2 dolls (Nikki & Summer/Lea)  The fashions are great quality for playline. I haven't found very many of the separates & accessory packs yet--all sold out in the stores or not in stock yet.

Walmart now has the fashions online:

Barbie Style Dolls Wave 3: amazon.com $19.99 these dolls feature articulated ankles that allow for wearing heels & flats--so far a big hit!  I haven't purchased them yet; the fashions for this wave just aren't doing it for me. Maybe if I see them in person...


The "Stylin' Friends" 2-packs (Raquelle & Barbie, Summer & Barbie) are HTF right now. amazon had some in stock and now it's only 3rd party sellers.  I managed to get the Raquelle set for $19.99 from a 3rd party seller.  These dolls do NOT have articulated ankles, the legs are last-year's stiff, hollow, style. They do have articulated wrists, elbows. I bought them purely for the fashions and high quality accessories.

Barbie Career dolls: film director, rock star & tennis player --amazon.com, all around $10.


~ All from Amazon.com, inventory changes a lot on these. Do the following search to find what amazon actually has: dolls--barbie--select amazon under sellers on left navigation and change drop-down search criteria in upper right to "newest arrivals" .


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