New Arrivals Part 2: Aristocratic Agnes, Dark Forest Queen

Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss arrived a while ago. I haven't had time to post about her. Originally, I thought I would just keep her lovely outfit. After seeing IRL photos of her online, my resolve was fading. Shortly after her arrival, the Baroness demanded to be released from her box and promptly made herself at home. She now refuses to leave. Kyori and her posse have made their displeasure known. They started by hiding all the clothes. She will make a proper introduction once she has found "appropriate attire".

Agnes discovers that all the clothes are a cardboard display. Except one.  "Whoever left me with this 'where's waldo?' get-up is going to pay!" She is currently plotting her revenge...

3rd in Faraway Forest Series

After two backorder delays, The Dark Forest Queen is happy to make her debut. She's glad to be free from her plastic prison. Also, may or may not be planning to wreak havoc amongst the dolls. ;-)  Bonus points to Mattel this time for using plastic to protect her very pale body. I think she might be an improvement over Lady of the White Woods quality-wise. I feel that she's comparable to Elf in terms of outfit quality. To me, the Elf will have no equal though...I just love her too much.

More photos on my flickr.  I will be adding others of her out-of-the-box very soon.

Coming up: Integrity Lottery Ladies,  (freshly arrived after shipping delays due to IFDC) a pair of grail finds from the Fashion Fever line. Plus a couple surprise finds I made recently on amazon.


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