Pre-Ordered and Pre-Broke! (Summer 2015)

The dust has settled on Integrity Toys "Doll Days of Summer".  The week got off to a slow start and some were disappointed.  By week's end, we had a Nu Face reveal, new ITBE lotteries and pre-order and/or lottery opportunities for previously announced dolls.  (Poppy, Jem)
Not sure about everyone else but I, for one, was thrilled.  Since IT went all out, I figured I would too. Pre-ordered 2/3 Nu. Face dolls I wanted (dang you elusive Nadja!), went in on 4 lotteries. I won them all! These are my first lottery wins. After missing out on ITBE Dark Side Anja, I was a bit soured on them. Now, I'm over it. ;-)
Needless to say, this means spending a lot. I haven't even posted about my other recent purchases/new arrivals.  I am, dolly-budget-busted. :-P  BUT, I will be selling several outfits/dolls from these wins & purchases to pay for my other (keeper) dolls. Some hard choices to make!

Additional Pre-orders added from last post (Due F/W 15): 

Nu. Face Voltage Erin 
(keeping outfit only)
Nu. Face Power House Ayumi
(keeping doll only)

 Lottery Wins that are On the Way soon: 

(Only Keeping Outfit on Right)

ITBE Media Sensation

ITBE Night
(Keeping Doll Only)

ITBE Rare Jewel
(for sale or trade)


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