New Arrivals Part 3: Barbie 2015 Moonlight Halloween & Style Glam Luxe Night Lea

It's Halloween in July!  I was stalking amazon for the newest Barbie fashionistas when I found Moonlight Halloween Barbie. She makes a nice consolation prize. ;-)

This is one of my favorite Halloween Barbie fashions. I won't buy the ones with too much pink. (Sacrilege, I know!) It's just not suitable for the holiday IMHO. While the doll is very cute with her purple streaked hair, she's not for me. I'll rehome her. Most Barbie playline dolls these days have hollow bodies with very little articulation. This doll is no exception.
As for the adorable dress, it has solid fabric on the back. (disappointing but not surprising) The kitty headband is a nice touch and I like the shoes. (for once!) It would have been nice if a kitty purse variation was included. (like the one from the fashion packs) I may customize one of mine to better match. I took a few pictures of this outfit re-imagined on another doll. It's almost possible to pass it off as a cosplay. I think. ;-) Which leads me to our next doll...

Such a sweet face! <3
 This was another unexpected amazon find: Barbie Style Glam Luxe Night Lea. Photos have been on blogs and flickr for a couple months now. I didn't expect to see her until fall at least. When I ordered, she was the only 1 left; they are currently unavailable.

Her dress and jacket are cute. I don't care for her plastic accessories. She can't even hold her camera. The bag is such stiff plastic, it won't budge open. This Lea has flat feet with no ankle joint, so shoe options could be limited. Just like the Style Resort line, these dolls trade nicer bodies for more accessories.  I adore her face, make-up and hair. Though, I'm going to wash it out and restyle a bit. Her skin tone appears to be nostalgic; so I'm already planning to rebody...
Basically, I bought this doll for her lovely face. I won't be bothered with the other dolls in this line. They are too inexpensively produced.

See more & larger photos of both dolls on my flickr.


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